Friday, June 1, 2012

Friday Feature: A Few of My Favorite Things

I am practically bubbling over with excitement over all the projects that I have in the works, just so close to being finished. But unfortunately I am waiting on paint to dry, and since I can't sit and watch to any avail or satisfaction of interest, I'm going to write! (...truth be told, I'm also waiting on acquisition of a glue gun, but that doesn't quite lend itself to turning a phrase...) I'm going to try something new where every Friday I feature a few of my favorite things in the world of crafting, blogging, home decor, organization, and all that jazz!

1. Let the Sunshine Sunburst Mirrors In

These are just plain awesome. So chic, so simple to make, and with the real versions sporting price tags in the hundreds of dollars, it's no wonder these DIY knock-offs are taking the craft-world by storm, giving their exorbitantly priced high end predecessors a real run for their money. Spoiler alert: this is one of the many projects I alluded to currently having in the works, and I could not be more excited. I'm kind of nervous about how it's going to turn out since I'm still so new to crafting, but if it's even halfway worthwhile it'll be an excellent addition to my decor!

2. Pantry Perfection

Using clear glass or plastic containers with custom labels for bulk food storage is just about one of the most fantastic organizing things I've seen yet. And that's really saying something because I am obsessed with all things organization.

Jen from IHeart Organizing (one of my favorite blogs) was featured on HGTV's show "Clean Freaks" showcasing her similarly awe-inspiring kitchen organization system. After every shopping trip, she immediately pours all her groceries in to her own beautiful glass containers. She calls it convenient, I call it transcendent! If I have the time and the money and the storage space to start something like this in the near future, you'd better believe I'm just crazy enough to commit to it.

3. Furry Friends

Bunnicula - my fiesty lionhead rabbit

Laurie - my affectionate mix-breed pup
Okay, okay.... not really directly craft-related, per se. But, these lovable cuddle-bugs are among my favorites. I needed an excuse to give them a proper blog debut. And, as a matter of fact, my pup Laurie helps me with the majority of my projects in his own special way! In his mind, the success of each of my creative endeavors is contingent upon him being ever-present, always there to offer a supportive lick or a helping...... paw. That's unconditional love, guys.

4. Organized Entryways

These really don't require any explanation, just recognition for how great they look. With something this fantastic, attention must be paid. Can't wait to have a home of my own and an entryway to completely deck out!

5. My New Best Friend: the Manager at Michaels

Earlier today, I was making the rounds at the local crafts stores looking for some essential pieces for my Sunburst mirror and since I had some time to kill before meeting the boyfriend for dinner, I decided to mosey down the Cricut aisle. It was partly masochistic -- I don't own a Cricut (gasp!) and every single time I so much as see one I get hungry eyes worthy of a song by Eric Carmen. I would love to have a Cricut. I mean, without one, how could I possibly hope to realize my full crafting potential?

So there I was, ready to torture myself for just a glimpse of how the other half lives when wonder of wonder, miracle of miracles I see a SALE sign above the Cricuts. They were selling Cricut Expression v.1 (originally $199) for $78. After recovering from my heart attack, I started looking for the voucher for that particular one. But, no dice. I called over the manager who confirmed that they had stopped carrying those months ago in favor of the new Expression v2 and Cricut Mini. The ad for the sale was placed there erroneously. I was in the middle of thanking him for helping me anyway when the manager, ever the customer service servant, cut in to say "Well, if you want to get this new version, this Cricut Mini, I'll sell it to you for 40% off so that it matches that sale price."

I was flabbergasted, but I didn't miss a beat before marching my happy tail to the cashier so that I could officially be the proud new owner of a Cricut, all thanks to one man who, in my opinion, should have sonnets penned and ballads composed in his honor.


So that wraps it up: a few of my favorite things to tide you over til the grand reveal of the projects I've been toiling over tirelessly. Hope you enjoy!

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Kayla said...

haha I pretty much love you. And I'm SO GLAD you have a cricut now. So I don't feel obligated to hand mine over if you decided to ask for it ;) Also, yay for a debut of laurie and bun bun!