Friday, June 22, 2012

Friday Feature: A Few of My Favorite Things

Wow! It's been quite the busy week. I have been spending a lot of time at the hospital as of late, but I still wanted to check in and hopefully pass along a little inspiration by sharing a few of the things that have me itching to craft again once this white coat comes off!

1. Paint Chips

I can't even begin to touch on all the ways that these versatile little swatches can be creatively incorporated into your repertoire. Seriously, just Google "paint chip crafts" and you will be met with an overwhelming search response that is sure to keep you happily crafting to your heart's content. This blog in particular had a lot of great ideas to get you started.

The only hard part about crafting with paint chips, in my opinion, is acquiring them. I know they are technically there for taking, but I can't help but feel like I'm committing a felony in doing so. Not to mention that clandestine affairs are by no means my forte, so I end up drawing even more attention to myself in my vain attempts to be covert.

Nevertheless, even if you're like me and have no potential for a future in the CIA, it's well worth the effort to swipe a few of these and have a go at making your own colorful crafts!

2. Craft Punches

This may seem slightly excessive since I now own a Cricut and all, but regardless, these are pretty sweet! If you have a specific shape that you know you're going to need dozens of--especially if they are in different colors--the convenience of these is well worth the cost, which is a mere $10 at Hobby Lobby ( or less if you use the weekly 40% Off coupon like me!) Paper Studio has an excellent line with lots of shape options available in different sizes. I'm a big fan of the heart punch I bought last week for an upcoming project I'm working on. Definitely a worthwhile investment!

3. Scrapbook Embellishments

I have been dedicating a great deal of time and effort to my scrapbook as of late. The one I'm working on is only my second one ever, so I'm still very much in the learning stages (even though I'm proud of the first one I made!), and until recently I have been incredibly hesitant to branch out into the unknown as far as what to add to my layouts to make them truly striking. But after a certain crafts store had a Scrapbooking Blow-Out Sale a few weeks ago, I came home stocked up on supplies and filled with the confidence to finally use everything I have at my disposal. Brads, buttons, flowers, 3D stickers, borders, the works. I'm ready to scrap like never before. On that note, I'll hopefully have pictures to follow very soon!


That's all for now..... have a fabulous weekend, everyone!

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