Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Creatively Crafted Clipboard

Happy Tuesday, everyone! I have officially rejoined the work force--my week of complete and total freedom has ended. But not to worry... my summer schedule will be a cinch compared to the grueling days I've been used to these past 11 months while med school was in session. Plus I really like my cancer research internship and the work I'll be doing.

As you well know by now (and as I mentioned in a previous post), it's my goal this summer to do as much crafting as possible. In view of this, my friend Kayla and I adopted a certain mantra, one that has become exceptionally popular on Pinterest and has several different adaptations. The particular one we are using is pretty perfect, so of course we had to pull out the fabric paint and put it on t-shirts--you know, to make it truly official.

You can find the tutorial on her blog, but I just had to share the picture, too. I find them pretty adorable!

The project I want to share tonight is (as most of my projects tend to be) pretty simple! Since I'm once again a working girl, and a crazy organized one at that, I knew I needed something to keep my important papers straight this summer. After amassing an impressive collection of standard black three-ring binders for classes this year, I wanted to branch out. What better than a cute and crafty clipboard?! The internet is practically flooded with tutorials on DIY clipboard makeovers. The water feels find to me, so I'm diving in, too!

All you need need is a wooden clipboard, whatever lovely scrapbook paper you fancy, and of course some Mod Podge! Cut the paper to fit, mod podge it down, and add any embellishments you choose--I added some black sticker letters I had on hand to spell out my name.

There you go! A quick evening craft. I'm excited to use it tomorrow, and hoping that if my co-workers see it they won't find me completely neurotic.... not yet, at least!

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Kayla said...

I'm sure they already find you neurotic. It didn't take me very long ;) It turned out super cute! Also, can't wait to wear our new shirts!