Tuesday, June 12, 2012

For the Love of the Game

I have been seeing a lot of really neat baseball-inspired crafts on Pinterest lately in honor of all the summer fun there is to be had these few short blissful months. Particularly pin-worthy were some baseball wreaths, of which there are many variations on the theme, all cute and creative.

And, well, with my newly cultivated love for the Atlanta Braves, I figured I had to throw my baseball hat into the ring and make my own!

As you learned from one of my previous posts, my boyfriend is a die-hard Braves fan. And my darling, my love, peg o' my heart, well... he made a bit of a fatal error as of late. I was boring him again showing him all the baseball crafts on Pinterest that I was enamored with when suddenly he uttered the most beautiful sentence ever spoken to a do-it-yourself dame...

"Hey, if it's baseball, I'll help you craft all day."

They may have been his famous last words, but I swear I've never loved him more than in that moment! So last night after root-root-rooting for our team against the nefarious New York Yankees, we bought my beloved some drill bits and got to work.
I found the tutorial for my wreath here, on a fellow Braves fan's blog. Here's what you'll need to make your own snazzy wreath proudly portraying your team loyalty:
  • baseballs (the tutorial used twelve balls... but I used the nine I had!)
  • wire clothes hanger (...much to Mommy Dearest's dismay)
  • wire cutters
  • ribbon
  • drill and 11/64" drill bit
My only regret about my wreath is that, since I don't play baseball or anything (shocking, I know!), my balls are brand spankin' new while many of the balls used in other wreaths I've seen on Pinterest were used, giving them an enviable kind of character. But, oh well. I still like mine.

Brent pretty much took charge on this craft; in fact, it should probably be him posting! He started by straightening out the hanger with some pliers so that we could line everything up and make sure the wire was long enough for nine balls (it was!), then he began drilling holes through them. Granted, I didn't operate the heavy machinery, but from my vantage point it looked fairly straightforward, so long as you possess the wherewithal to keep from drilling a hole through your hand.

Laurie helped out with this project, too!

Brent drilled the holes through the balls and strung them onto the wire one by one.

Laurie was thoroughly confused as to why we were ruining all those perfectly good fetching balls!

After the tough part was over, I stepped in to finish things off (think of me as Brent's relief pitcher) by adding the ribbon to yield the finished product!

I have to admit, I think it looks fantastic! Which really is okay for me to say without any trace of misplaced vanity since Brent (and Laurie) put in the majority of the work. Great job, guys... I absolutely love the new accessory adorning the doorway of my humble abode!


Brent said...

Did you find the tutorial for your wreath on a fellow braves blog....or was that me...?

Ryan said...

great scott, you're right! look at me trying to take credit for your handiwork. such a devious little blogger am i.... ;)