Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Damask Bookshelf Done Quick-and-Dirty

I am a poor, poor medical student. And as a lowly pauper, I am obligated mainly to projects which involve working with things I already have on hand or giving makeovers to pieces that can be given a little sprucing up on a budget. The project I finished today is one I've seen all over Pinterest and blogs for months now, and it is just plain awesome--so cheap, so easy, so of course I love it! Take a drab-looking bookshelf, some pretty scrapbook paper, and good ol' ModPodge and you've got yourself something fancy!

Look at this sad little bookshelf, another of the many furniture pieces inhabiting my apartment that hail from my college days. After seeing so many fabulous bookshelf makeovers on Pinterest and reading the simple tutorials, I decided to make this my first summer project. I took a trip to Hobby Lobby, bought some damask print paper (which is a perfect addition since everything in my apartment is black, white, and red), and got ready to do it to it!

Unfortunately, I'm a moron and ignored my instincts to stock up on ModPodge while at Hobby Lobby (after standing on the aisle for what seemed like hours debating "Well....should I get some? Or maybe I'll just wait...." ) so after taking the backing off, I realized I had just enough ModPodge to glue down exactly one corner. Fantastic. But, being the impatient tenacious girl that I am, I made sure to pick some up at WalMart last night to get me back on track!

I used one coat to stick it down, waited twenty minutes, then did a coat on top. I left it overnight to dry and then got help from the boyfriend on his lunch break to nail the backing on again (mainly because he pointed out how much quicker he'd be able to do it than me, and I couldn't really argue with that fact).

I know it's subtle, but I can't help it.... I love it! I think it's a neat little touch to add to the apartment decor, definitely worth the effort it took to re-do it, even with the momentary ModPodge set-back

I'm completely satisfied with how it turned out. And I found out today that I won't have to start my summer research job until Monday morning, so I have a  little extra time to devote to crafting until then! Huzzah! Hopefully I'll have something new for you tomorrow.....

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