Tuesday, May 29, 2012

A Post of Projects Past

I've done it! I finished my first year of medical school! I am officially one-fourth a doctor. And to celebrate, I spent my holiday weekend doing mostly nothing... and it was glorious. Definitely much needed and fully appreciated. Once I was rested and refreshed, I took a day trip with the boyfriend to Atlanta on Sunday for my very first Braves game.

So, I have yet to do much by way of crafting. I do, however, have some ideas up my sleeve for some projects I'm planning to do this very afternoon. In the meantime, I wanted to post some pictures of projects I've done in the past. My pre-blog era spoils.

If you know me, you know that I am picture-obsessed. I am also crazy thrifty. Naturally, I loved the coffee table from the movie "P.S. I Love You" that showcased the couple's pictures in such a neat way. So, I wanted to make my own version of theirs using the cheap Target coffee table that survived its usage during my college years. I love how the makeover turned out, too. I stuck a collage of black and white photos to the surface using some adhesive putty from the craft store, then placed a thin piece of custom cut glass from Lowe's over the top of it, and voila! A faux-fancy and functional product.

I made this to adorn my entryway. It's super convenient for hanging up my four-legged friend's leash, and I was able to make it all for a low price that would make tails wag. A piece of wood from Hobby Lobby, chip board letter, paint, cardstock paper, embellishments from the scrapbook aisle, and there you have it!

I found this fun kitchen magnet board idea on Pinterest, originally from this blog. I actually looked at the original again just now when linking it, and I think I may add some magnets to it today along with my other projects. I used an old cookie sheet I already had that was past its baking prime, spray painted it black, then covered it in some scrapbook paper with my trusty Mod Podge. The "R" is just a chip board letter with magnetic tape stuck to the back!

Here is a small smattering of samples of some of my favorite scrapbook pages I've done. So far, I've only made one scrapbook, filled to the brim with memorabilia from my years of musical theatre, but I've started on the next one which I'll be using to document my time in medical school. It's one of the many projects on my ever expanding summer to-do list.

Last one! Just a little something I made for my bathroom. I had the canvas, paint, and scrapbook paper just laying around , and I borrowed a friend's Cricut to cut the letters to a part of my favorite quote. I'm in no way a visual artist, but it was cheap and easy DIY decor!

Alrighty, I'm off to Hobby Lobby. Wish me (and my checking account!) good luck.... and HAPPY SUMMER! 

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Kayla said...

yay for summer! And I hope your wallet survived Hobs Lobs. Also, I had no idea you made that shoot for the moon thing. Too cool. :)