Saturday, June 9, 2012

Bottle It Up

Today's project is actually two-fold and involves a room in my home that still remains largely foreign to me since I hate, loathe, and despise cooking. But, so long as I'm not asked to slice, stir, or saute, I am more than happy to follow recipes that help me serve up some delightful decorations for my kitchen.

So what's the project? Making decorative bottles! No, really, it's adorable. I promise. These initially caught my eye on Pinterest, and I found the tutorial for them on this blog. She made them as part of her Valentine's Day decor, but I think they will be super cute in my kitchen year-round.

1. Glittered Bottle

For this project, you'll need your glass bottle, glitter, and Pledge Floor Care Finish (which oddly enough smells amazing...)

My cookie sheet magnetic memo board made a cameo appearance....
Literally all you have to do is carefully pour some of the Pledge into the bottle (doing your best to avoid any bubbles!), swirl it around so that it's reached all the inside surface, then pour the excess back into the bottle. After that, you pour in lots of glitter and carefully swirl that around, too. Pour the excess glitter back into its container (this is a very efficient project), and you're done!

I spray painted the top of my bottle black, too. Jus' cuz!

....but wait! There's more!

2. Decorated Glass Bottle

This one is another easy DIY! But I will say it was definitely harder for me, simply because I have to work really hard sometimes to make my cursive not look like the handwriting of a serial killer, especially when using a writing utensil that's even remotely cumbersome which, in this case, was a bottle of dimensional fabric paint on a glass bottle. I probably looked like a kindergarten kid with one of those over-sized pencils  concentrating really hard while struggling to write on that paper that still has the dotted guideline.....

Yeah, yeah, I know.... my script has already begun its inevitable regression to the chicken scratch characteristic of most doctors' signatures. Oh well.... I tried.

The next part was a breeze! Lately, I have had more spray paint all over my hands than a juvenile delinquent graffiti-ing an urban alleyway. Spray paint primer.... gosh, I just love this stuff. Really, I do. Torrid affair levels of love for the primer. It just works so darn well I can't help myself. But I digress....

I then spray painted it white! Ideally, I should have used white primer but Hobby Lobby only had grey and I had a 40% off coupon and a life-long habit of being impatient, so I bought it. I believe I ended up doing three coats of white for good measure, but it was almost completely covered after the first. 

Side note: I undoubtedly have one of the worst cameras still in regular use, but until I can afford something better, I'm stuck with it. Regardless, here are my two new additions in all their glory, even if the photo doesn't do them justice.

BONUS! I am so sorry! I completely forgot I had these to show in this post as well. These are for my kitchen sink. I originally wasn't even planning on making them (which is probably why I forgot I wanted to add them to this post...) but once I saw how fantastic spray paint primer is and realized I already had some black and red spray paint and some alphabet stickers on hand, I just had to go ahead and give them a quick makeover.

Originally these were just three bottles from Bath & Body Works that people have given me over the years. But with the right ingredients, these boring basics underwent a transformation!

There! Nothing fancy, but more than sufficient until I get some vinyl to use with my Cricut for the lettering.

Until next time, happy crafting, everyone!

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